SnowRunner Part 1 Pack

SnowRunner Part 1 Pack

Simply download it manually and replace your “initial.pak” in your game directory (SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient) with this one. Be sure to backup your original one!

All the mods are created from the awesome dudes listed below. If you like the stuff, be sure to visit their pages and leave a like!

This is just a simple All-in-One-Mod-Pack that I created from the mods that I personally like. This way you don’t need to install and merge them all manually one by one.

In some cases I changed some values a bit more to my liking or only used very specific stuff out of the original mod (see the list below). I also fixed some minor bugs.

Everything works in Co-Op! If your buddy want’s to use/see the same stuff, he also needs to install this mod pack!

Everything tested in countless hours of play: works like a charm!

What’s inside?
* No dark night, no fog (The night looks like a light twilight. There is a slight hint of fog)

* Chevrolet CK1500 Rework: Not OP, just nicer to drive. Softer suspension, more flex.
* Raised and soften suspension for the otherwise crappy Scout Fuel Trailer.

* In Short: Better responsive steering! Playing with an Controller, you couldn’t steer a little. Moving the stick slightly was not
making the car slightly turning and pressing it too much was driving it into a drift or spin. So I tweaked Responsiveness and all
of a sudden, eveything became smooth and clean. No more lag or dead-zone effect, no more spikes needed to do slight steering
adjustments, a very small stick moves was translating into a very gentle truck direction adjustement.
* Realistic Tire Pressure
* Changed the headlights to LED-Headlights on all trucks
* Changed the Pacific P12 to be able to hold deck, semi-low-mount and minicrane

* 40% Increased lifetime on particles. (40 sec)
* 10% Increased lifetime on exhaust smoke. (10 sec)
* 3% denser exhaust smoke. (thicker)
* Leaves from bushes are now “boxed physics based”. (they can now collide with ground and wheels)
* Increased the visibility of snow particles. (denser snowy weather)
* Increased the lifetime of how long the vehicle stay dirty. (mud splashes)

* Realistic Vehicle Health. Engine health decreased by 80% for all vehicles. Gearbox and Suspension decreased by 90% for all vehicles.
Fuel tank is at 10 up to 17 depending on truck type (mainly because they’re mostly made of thin metal). Wheels have mixed durability (10 for scouts, 20 for standard trucks, 30 for heavy duty trucks).
* added new variants of painting & colors
* The Exhaust Smoke from the CAT 745C is now fixed and comes from the Pipe not from the Cabin.
* minicrane for Hummer


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