SnowRunner – All Vehicles (so far)

SnowRunner – All Vehicles (so far)

Throughtout various lists, leaks, uploads, speculation, and descriptions I have put together the ultimatum list of every vehicle known to the public eye that is supposed to be in SnowRunner.

Your help with identifying the trucks would be highly appreciated. The ones with (?) are unknown to me. The ones with (name ?) need verification. Should you see something that needs correcting, do not hesitate to inform me. If you have any questions regarding where I got certain information I will provide the links.

I will update the list everytime a truck has been released or resolved.

SnowRunner – All Vehicles | List

Eurasian Scouts:

  1. Don 71 – (Lada Niva 21213)
  2. Khan Lo4F – (UAZ-452)
  3. Trecol 39294
  4. Tuz 166 – (GAZ-69)
  5. Tuz ??? – (GAZ 59037A)

North American Scouts:

  1. Chevy CK 1500
  2. Hummer H2
  3. International Loadstar 1700
  4. International Scout 800

Eurasian Haulers:

  1. Azov 5319 – (Kamaz 6560M)
  2. Azov 42-20 – (Kamaz Arctic 6345)
  3. Azov 64131 – (Kamaz 65228)
  4. Azov ??? – (Kamaz 5340)
  5. Azov ??? – (Kamaz 78504)
  6. Dan 96320 – (BAZ 6402)
  7. Kolob 74941 – (MZKT 74135)
  8. ZiKZ 5368 – (MAZ 500)
  9. Royal BM-17 – (Scammell s24)
  10. Step310E – (ZiL E133Vyat)
  11. Tayga 6436 – (Kraz 6322)
  12. Voron ??? – (Ural Next)
  13. Voron AE-4380 – (Ural 4320)

North American Haulers:

  1. ANK MK38 – (AM General M939)
  2. Caterpillar 745C
  3. Caterpillar CT680
  4. Chevy Kodiak C70
  5. Derry Longhorn 3194 – (Oshkosh M911)
  6. Derry Longhorn 4520 – (Oshkosh M1070)
  7. GMC 9500 (Long Hood)
  8. Ford CL 9000
  9. Freightliner M916A1
  10. Freightliner 114SB
  11. International Fleetstar F-2070A
  12. International Paystar 5000
  13. International Transtar 4070A
  14. Navistar 5000-MV
  15. Pacific P12
  16. Pacific P16
  17. White Western-Star 4964
  18. Western-Star 6900 Twin Steer

SnowRunner vehicles revealed: 41/41

This list is brought to you by: SnowRunner – Vehicle Database (Discord)


  1. Synthraider (Discord)
  2. Dins Fire (Discord)
  3. Zamal (Discord)


  1. FirebonE (Focus Forums)
  2. Thombuggy (Focus Forums)
  3. Stazco (Focus Forums)

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