SnowRunner – 20 Tips for Solo and Coop!

SnowRunner – 20 Tips for Solo and Coop!

20 NEED TO KNOW SnowRunner Tips for Solo and Coop!

Welcome back to SnowRunner. In this video we’re going through 20 need to know tips for playing solo and coop. These tips range from selling trailers to operating a crane and more plus I threw an extra one in there for good measure. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I hope you enjoy the video and I hope the tips help you out.

Tip timestamps:
Tip 1: How to winch in coop 0:15
Tip 2: Use multiple vehicles at once 1:08
Tip 3: Retain your vehicles 2:10
Tip 4: Don’t play random coop 3:10
Tip 5: Do NOT start in Alaska 4:04
Tip 6: Explore first 5:07
Tip 7: Choose your path 6:16
Tip 8: Tasks before contracts 7:33
Tip 9: Use your map 9:22
Tip 10: Accept your tasks 10:25
Tip 11: Use your d-pad 11:22
Tip 12: Garage refuel and repair 13:16
Tip 13: Pack crane cargo 14:22
Tip 14: Use contract menu 15:13
Tip 15: Cargo efficiency 16:04
Tip 16: Progress SP too 17:17
Tip 17: Sell spare trailers 18:04
Tip 18: Buy better winches 19:34
Tip 19: Sell old upgrades 20:31
Tip 20: Refuel from trucks 21:25
BONUS: How long time takes 22:16

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