MZKT-741351 Prime Mover V1.0 Truck

MZKT-741351 Prime Mover V1.0 Truck

Background: The value proposition of the original Kolob 74760 was non-existent. Incredibly low ground clearance, exacerbated by allowing only a high-saddle attachment, crippled any attempt at off-road, heavy haulage roles. Instead of offering the player a potent late-game tool to overcome the overwhelmingly rough terrain found in Russia, the Kolob was a constant source of frustration, further reinforcing the use of the Tayga and Azov as the primary solution for most heavy haulage missions.

Mission: This mod strives to gently overhaul the Kolob 76740, now the MZKT-741351, by providing enhanced capabilities to increase the value proposition when weighed against other platforms. This mod has *NOT* been designed to make the MZKT-741351 overpowered / game-breaking–nearly all of the original driving quirks and attachment limitations still exist to both 1) preserve the spirit of the real vehicle and Saber Interactive’s design choices and 2) nudge the player to adopt a multi-platform approach to the game rather than providing a single “uber-truck”.

As such, the MZKT-741351 will provide much greater functionality over the original vehicle as it can now utilize all semitrailers, as a prime mover should, and the van body addon, but the player will still have to rely on other platforms to perform most roles (e.g. hauling via sideboard and flatbed attachments, dedicated crane / maintenance, etc.).

Method: The MZKT-741351 retains all baseline Kolob 74760 capabilities / characteristics with the following changes / additions:

Default suspension raised (from 0.0 to 0.1)
The cab will still realistically bottom out if the terrain is challenging but instances of this occurring have been drastically reduced
Use of saddle-low attachment
Note: Due to the new suspension height, semi trailers will have to be reversed into to attach.
Use of van body addon ($4.5k)
Upgradable Cat C18 engine (+10k torque over KZGT-8 530 T; ~$38.5k)
The new engine also increases fuel consumption by 2.5 L/M
Unlockable at level 1
Visuals unlocked at levels 7 and 15

To reflect the additional capabilities, the vehicle price has been increased to $196k.

Installation: Click to subscribe. This will not replace the original Kolob 74760; look for a separate “MZKT-741351 Prime Mover” listing in the RU truck store.

I have not tested this in MP; my assumption is it will not work unless all parties have the mod installed.
Larger, low-saddle trailers (e.g. those with multiple sets of wheels) may have the set nearest the tractor raised off the ground due to increased suspension height; the trailers behave normally.
A potential solution could be installing “Emils’ offroad semitrailers” (Copy & paste the text between the quotes in the search bar above; an assumption as I have not tested this).


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