iX Wrecker V1.0 Car

iX Wrecker V1.0 Car

8.11: As we step out of our WIP phase, we see the addition of 2 new addons ( a standard issue pick-up bed and a dump body styled 2-slot cargo unit). While I assure you more updates are coming, it just doesn’t feel like this truck is a WIP anymore. So welcome to a world beyond a work in progress. Also, all of the addons are lighted now, hooray!

So, this isn’t your typical iX build (for those of you familiar with my previous work). I have a friend who is also a really good XML tweaker, L0B1325 , working with me to create a more manageable “vanilla” experience for those who prefer a more “base game” style of play, while also having modifications for crazy people like me who want to drive sideways on a rock wall with a semi truck. (No, you can’t do that in this truck yet. Probably ever because there is such a thing as too much, believe it or not.) Also, gonna say it again, a little louder for the people in the back: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! Constructive criticism is wonderful and welcomed. Trash talk will be dealt with exactly as it is handed out. Straight into the circular file. Also: This is my first ever mod on any platform, so please be gentle, lol.

Known Issues: No high res interior. None of the custom towing addons are animated yet.

Also also also: Sorry about the constant updates and the need to re-download the whole thing. I wish it was different. And yes: I could have held the mod back longer but I was excited to get it out to the public. Sorry, not sorry.

Past Update Log:
8.5: We here at iX innovations have been hard at work again. This time we bring you…. UNSPILLABLE CARGO!! With the new enclosed 2-slot Cargo Box, feel free to roll the truck and continue on your merry way without spending an hour picking up your spilled goods. Just be sure to re-pack before you head out again. Also, I brought in some new big bad custom mud wheels and I have more to come. What else was there… Probably some bug fixes and minor adjustments. Enjoy!!

8.3: In yet another response to community input, the flatbed has been widened considerable. It was a bit of an oversight on my part. Usually the outer edge of a rollback with line up with the outer dually. I lengthened the rear axle and never thought about little stuff like that. Much better fit now. (I have no plans to make it longer). Also included is a paint matched visor, AND now the plow paint matches properly. And my apologies to anyone that tried to plow at night between this update and the last… It was a little bright. Enjoy and Happy… Towing? Plowing? Really just about anything lol. But either way, have fun!

8.2: You truckers didn’t think I was done, did you? Good. Cause I have SOO much more coming. For now, enjoy the PLOW THAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN ASKING FOR!!! And make sure you use the plowing suspension. It helps make the plow more than just a great visual. I usually would say happy towing here so… Happy Plowing?

Almost forgot, I got my custom rims working so the iX rims will be an option for select wheels.

7.31: With the final update of July, the hits just keep on coming. Today’s update adds some AMAZING monster tires tires courtesy of Quasimiyao!! These come in a single, wide set, a narrow dual rear set, and a set you’ll want to save for very wide paths LOL. And we have some stylish new paint tints courtesy of LoB1325’s tireless efforts, so be sure to check those out. Also, made some slight adjustments here and there for quality of life. Working on some big new stuff that I really think people are going to like…

Happy towing!!
7.30: We got another good one today. First things first, a new custom front bumper with added mass (actually 2- Heavy and Extra heavy) to help keep those front wheels down when towing the big stuff. To give you an idea of how this helps: I towed my Quadsteer around the Proving grounds on the wrecker body. Don’t get me wrong, going up over the hill was a challenge, but we did it. (See some of the new pics) Major suspension overhauls including the new Monster class of suspension, gearbox and wheels. For when you feel like crushing 10 cars or something. Also some castor adjustments, CoM etc etc.

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