CHALLENGER v.1.1 For Snowrunner

CHALLENGER v.1.1 For Snowrunner

Hello runners! This mod is for those who are looking for little challenge or simply more immersive gameplay in snowrunner. Hopefully you will enjoy, and dont forget to give me feedback so i know if anything needs to be changed, updated.

Actual weight for cargo (Now you really feel that cargo on your truck!)
Better tire pressure (Different tire pressure for each class of tires)
Real gearboxes (Also reverse gear)
Better suspension response
Durability lowered, its little bit different for scouts / trucks / big heavy trucks, to feel realistic (One big crash and you are done)
Fuel capacity lowered (For more challenging gameplay)
Roof rack capacity lowered
No recovery! (If anything big happens, some bug for example and you really need recovery option, just replace your initial.cache_block inside initial.pak file with original one, you need to open initial.pak with winrar to be able to do it )
Some visual changes with exhaust smoke and few other stuff
Legacy camera while using winches (Its much better in my opinion)

Installation: Manual- Simply just download the mod, go to This PC/Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/Epic games/SnowRunner/en_us/preload/paks/client and replace your initial.pak , you dont have to be afraid to get any of your files corrupted, everything is backed up by server or you can backup your saves manually in Documents/My games/Snowrunner/Storage/random number with letters – here is your current save

I do recommend you to install this mod manualy, as this mod is not a vehicle and won’t be handled properly using the subscribe button.

This mod is compatible with CO-OP
But first of all, you and your friends should have only this mod installed, and as far as i know, few bugs might occur:

1. Time by time (About once per 3-4hours) everyone except host can crash (Not a big deal. Why? I will explain later.)
2. Your truck can get some weird bug which makes him slower and unable to change gears properly (Happens after your friends use your trucks and then you go back to drive them)

3. Refuel bug sometimes happens (Solution for this is(As far as i know and it was working for us perfectly) Dont ever use full refuel option, always refuel by taping (not holding).

SOLUTION – simply just return to main menu and restart session (Always works)

– why is problem n.1 not a big deal? what i was doing with my friend is, it was my session so i owned all trucks we were playing with, so even if he disconnected, after reconnect his truck was on the same position. (NO MORE ANNOYING DRIVING FROM GARAGE TO SAME PLACE BECAUSE OF CRASH)

– Bug with gearboxes can be solved also with removing this future (Yet i prefer to just return to main menu, and restart session, takes up to 20seconds, but if you want version without this future, let me know in the comments)

1. Creating bonus tasks

2. Trailer store (I want to remove fuel from fuel trailers so you cant abuse “exploit” buy and sell refuel truck in trailer store)

At the end, I recommend you start from Michigan to Alaska and finally Russia, not using Russian trucks on US maps (Its really worth it!),

I also challenged myself and my friend with “not using 2 same trucks challenge” also gives you whole new flavor to game when you are forced to use GMC at the start for hard missions meanwhile your friend is having walk through pink garden with sweet fleetstar haha. Hopefully you will enjoy my first made mod ever! Feel free to give me your feedback


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