C.C.M. CORR v1.02 Car

C.C.M. CORR v1.02 Car

C.C.M. is very proud to present the C.C.M. CORR. What happens when someone wants to enter a race circuit and has the means to build a truck? this happens. featuring a CORR pro2 frame and a body made from whatever cab was laying around the shop at the time. Fred Made a Machine that Ivan Stewart would have fun driving. As with most things Fred has started, The truck was built But the circuit was never entered and now the truck just sits around the yard waiting for just one more hell ride.

Frame was sourced from sketchup. I made minimal alterations to it(different control arms,and ladderbars, lost a couple bars in the cage,nothing much honestly). body started from a kit from hum3d. and fiberglass fenders and bedsides donated to the cause by yeahbuddy. tires are all the same as the rest of my mods. except the sand rail tires are new. i made those for this build.

Known Bugs 1. the sand tires get stuck deformed for some reason. all of my mixed tire sets do it and im not sure why so if anyone has an idea?? feel free to let me know

Huge Thank You to everyone that helps me out with this stuff as well as all those and use and enjoy my mods.

will this come to console??? I would think so. nothing on it thats branded on model or in description.

As with all my mods, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take and re upload anything ive put together as your own. its not cool. just learn how to mod, if you want to make mods.all the models ive used that i havent made myself are easily available online. some are free some are not. if interested in using any of the assets ive personally made i.e. rollbars tires, cages, bumpers. lightbars blah blah just ask. worse i can say is no.


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